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Microsoft Office set up is a suite that is designed basically for the homes, offices or business purpose and developed by Microsoft. It is consist of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, and MS Access etc. These programs have its unique purpose and gives different service to its users. It is software which is used in modern world. You can install MS Office, just visit to this site office.com/setup.
The importance of MS Office is it keeps the track of data in MS Excel, text documents in MS Word, also to create presentations in MS Power Point.
MS Office Tools:

  1. MS Office Word
  2. MS Office Excel
  3. MS Office Power Point
  4. MS Publisher
  5. MS Lync
  6. MS Outlook
  7. MS Share point
  8. MS One Note
  9. MS Visio
  10. MS Office Project

How to download and install Office on your Computer?
Before installing your office apps, create your office 365 email address. Please uninstall the previous version of office from your PC before installing the latest version.

  • First login into your E-mail and office dashboard
  • Then download office, your office 365 account will be open.
  • Login your office 365 email address and password
  • Click Install Office
  • Then your installation file will be downloaded
  • Click Save
  • Once your installation file is downloaded
  • Open the file and follow the instructions for Office apps installation
  • Your New Office Apps installed, then login to your Office 365 email address and password.


How do I manage my Office 365 account?

  • If you have an existing office account, then Sign in.
  • Otherwise go to www.office.com/setup and sign in with your personal MS account
  • Select your account name
  • Select My Account from the list of options.

How do I check my Office subscription?
Through this way you can check your expiration status.

  • Go to services and subscriptions page
  • Then Sign In and enter the MS account email address and password
  • Then Review the details

How do I activate my MS Office?

  • Open Start
  • Click on MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Power Point to execute the program
  • Click Activate
  • Then “Sign In” in your MS account
  • Click Next

24/7 Office Support
If you have any queries regarding the installation, downloading, and activation of this software i.e. Microsoft Office, you can take the technical support from the team of Microsoft Office anytime, anywhere. They will help you and give proper assistance in best possible way as they can. For more information just visit to this site-www.office.com/setup.

Microsoft Office.com/setup

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Download and install or reinstall Office 365

Office Setup Certified Technicians can help with an assortment of issues that you might experience. Our Services are not simply constrained to investigating your equipment and programming issues. Be that as it may, we do convey top to bottom examination of your PC and keep up it for ideal execution. We can co tweak setting to suit your necessities and inclinations.

office.com/setup | Download and Install MS Office Setup Now with 3 simple steps

If purchased buy MS Office Software then you must have to connect MS Office team for installation help. And if you purchased office products from other than authorised seller then you may not able to download office software setup, you nee to writedown all the issues you are facing and then contact the MS Office Support team so it makes you look more trustworthy and reliable when you can provide clear and direct answers about the issues. It provides support staff less reason to put you off if you provide tell them correctly what they require to identify.
Here you can read on what to do if you've purchased an pirated version of MS Office Software by yourself.
Complete Activation Process as soon as possible
Complete activation of MS Office Software using the product key from www.office.com/setup. So use Product Key as soon as viable after it comes. It's difficult to complain if so long time has moved since buying. Probably, the Product Key will work if it does not then contact MS Office Software Support team at office.com/setup. If the activation key won't activate correctly it could be for several reasons, not ensure a pirated Product Key.
You can talk to the retailer who traded you the MS Office software with non-working Activation Key. If it's an eBay or Amazon dealer, try to contact them in a way that is visible via that company. So visit their website and get the contact details. Inform them that Microsoft said the Product Key is invalid but use the correct phrase that MS Support said you. Tell them that you have opened a Microsoft Support ticket to state the non-working Activation Key and who you purchased the software from. Ask them for an effective replacement of product key to be given without delay. Wait for the right deadline for their response, if there's no response after that time then try repeatedly.
Credit Card to distinct the transaction
Whenever feasible, purchase by credit card because the MS Office software buying should be a separate buy not joined with other software on the same credit card purchase.
If you have any more issues then contact MS Support team. MS Office Support should be able to analyze what the problems are and give you same resolutions about why it won't work. So whenever viable, reach them via office.com/setup, email or online chat.
If all are not working, then talk to your bank or credit card issuer and request for a return of the money on the credit card transaction. The precise information of your entitlement to a refund depending on law and credit card agreement but in extended terms, you can request for a refund on any complete credit card transaction. A refund is your last opportunity after providing the merchant an opportunity for the same. And that's why we advised you to purchase MS Office software as a separate transaction. Credit card payment is a slow procedure that takes times to finish. You have a powerful claim for a refund when provided with information of your dealings with MS Office support team, and the merchant. A
So visit office.com/setup and get the MS Office support online or email your issues on mentioned email id or chat with the experts using live chat window.